Should you have a personal Umbrella?

We speak with many personal and commercial clients a year.  Some ask about Umbrella policies others do not.  We offer them and really try to get people to understand that there is nothing full proof, but this surely can help protect what you worked so hard to acquire.

The personal or commercial umbrella is really one of the best purchases you can make dollar for coverage.  Basically it will add an additional amount over your current personal lines policy/ies that qualify.  Speaking of qualifying, not every one will because of claims, accidents, liability coverage and possible other risks.  Most however do or will qualify for one and if you have children driving in your household, i beg you to please at least speak with your agent.

Here are a few things that can be a risk to you that you may have never thought about.

We have many carriers, but this information is good and provided by Safeco.


Take a few minutes and talk with your agency and see if you qualify for a personal umbrella.

Frank Bisarek, LUTCF

Agent/Agency Owner Encore Insurance Group of Omaha

Independently owned and operated

encore-insurance group omaha


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